What is Tokyo No Yume?




an avid collector or enthusiast, esp. one who is obsessed with anime, video games, or the computer, and rarely leaves home


In Japanese, Tokyo No Yume means "dreaming of Tokyo" or "dreams of Tokyo". My name is Raine, and I've been a Japanese culture and art enthusiast for most of my waking days. I started watching anime as a kid, beginning with Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z when I'd get home from school. I was hooked immediately and decided I wanted to make my own anime art and dive into the culture from where it came. I also enjoy traveling, and going on adventures to new places (especially to try new foods!), so I created this blog to share my thoughts, art, and personal journey into a world that's vastly bigger than I ever imagined.

For business inquiries email: imbringtheraine@gmail.com

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